Code of Conduct

Violation of ANY of the rules below OR any violation of the New York State Penal Code may lead to serious consequences including but not limited to:

  • police involvement
  • being told to immediately vacate the building and grounds
  • being banned from the premises for a period of time
  • other restrictions on your use of the premises.


The following are not permitted:

  • Possessing or using alcohol, illegal drugs (including prescription drugs not prescribed for you) on premises
  • Carrying a firearm or other weapon
  • Behaving in an aggressive, abusive, threatening, or lewd manner
  • Loitering, vandalizing, or solicitation of any kind.
  • Using the facilities as living space, i.e. spending the night, bathing, cooking, or storing personal items
  • Challenging a board member’s authority to ensure building safety

The following may receive a warning the first time with further action upon repeat violation:

  • Smoking/Vaping anywhere other than the outdoor designated smoking area behind the building.
  • Bringing animals into the building. (Only service dogs are permitted.)
  • Parking bicycles anywhere on the premises other than the bicycle rack
  • Parking more than ½ hour before or ½ hour after activities in the building
  • Making noise that disturbs activities in the building

NOTE: Building rules take priority over recovery program guidelines!

Your cooperation in helping to keep 518 safe & secure is appreciated.

518 West Seneca Street is owned and maintained by Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc., which is operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.