Revised COVID Guidelines for Groups as of 3/8/2022

These are the new guidelines effective immediately.

  • We ask that attendees sanitize hands upon entering the building.
  • In accordance with current Tompkins County Health Department guidelines, 518 has lifted the mask requirement.
    • However, individual groups may choose to require masks; if you don’t know about your group’s decision, bring a mask just in case.
    • The board will have a few masks and face shields in case someone doesn’t have one.
    • Please feel free to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable with one.
  • Any groups wishing to indicate on the website whether or not masks are required may email  
  • Social distancing is no longer required.
  • Groups may now serve coffee or food.  However, PLEASE be careful! Do not spill on the rug! If a spill occurs, clean it up!
  • Materials (including the 7th tradition basket) may be passed out and shared.
  • The children’s rooms are now available.
  • For safety reasons, doors will open half an hour before meetings and lock 15 minutes after.
  • The building will be cleaned and sanitized at night. Cleaning supplies will be available for anyone (or group) who wishes to clean their chair, etc. If there are none in the room, check in the kitchen cabinets on the meeting room floor.

Note: Should COVID conditions worsen, these guidelines may change again to protect the safety of our recovery community.