Revised COVID Guidelines for Groups as of 12/13/2021

NYS and the CDC have revised the COVID guidelines again.
The Board of Directors discussed these and updated our guidelines.
These must be adhered to by every group.
Failure to do so may result in the loss of the group’s lease.

  • We ask that attendees sanitize hands upon entering the building.
  • In accordance with the New York State indoor mask requirement issued 12/13/2021, everyone entering 518 must wear a mask. If anyone has a medical exemption from wearing a mask, they must wear a face shield. The board will have a few face shields on hand in case needed. (Individuals are requested to reuse the face shields.)
  • We strongly encourage social distancing whenever possible indoors.
  • A few chairs should be spaced 6 feet apart for individuals who are unvaccinated, immunosuppressed, or just prefer to maintain social distancing. Please do not rearrange the chairs set at 6 feet.
  • Room capacity will revert to the number set by the fire marshal.
  • Overflow – If another Zoom equipped room is available, there is the capability of joining the two rooms together into the same zoom meeting. Otherwise, groups may use another small room for a meeting. Individuals also have the option of using personal devices to join a hybrid meeting from another location.
  • The building will be cleaned and sanitized at night. Cleaning supplies will be available for anyone (or group) who wishes to clean their chair, etc. If there are none in the room, check in the kitchen cabinets on the meeting room floor.
  • We no longer require contact tracing.
  • No shared food or drink will be allowed. Individuals may bring their own drink and food.
    Unvaccinated individuals must wear their mask when not drinking or eating.
  • We do not recommend sharing scripts, books, etc. with unvaccinated individuals.
  • Medallions may be passed out by a vaccinated person.
  • For the 7th tradition, each group must decide on a no touch method of collecting the money (e.g., one person with mask going around room to collect, box in a central location for dropping money in on way out or on-line fund collection.)
  • The children’s rooms remain unavailable at this time and we ask that you do not bring children into the building . If this is a problem, please contact a board member.
  • The board asks each group to submit their plan for mask to Scott S. at so it can be listed on the website.

Note: Should COVID conditions worsen, these guidelines may change again to protect the safety of our recovery community.